June 28th, 2005  


i want to know your opinion about the two post-war german armies, the bundeswehr and the nva, about their uniforms, weapons, efficacity,and witch had kept the soul of the predecessors,and if they fought each other, what would be the issue?
June 30th, 2005  
Both these armies were amongst the best trained and best equipped of their respective alliances. The Bundeswehr was most like the Wehrmacht although Bundeswehr officials would say that their army harked back to the 19th Century for its traditions, although IMO the Bundeswehr is not a million miles away from the Wehrmacht. For example, the Iron Cross was (and still is) painted on the side of Bundeswehr panzers and Luftwaffe fighters. Both armies had a certain General Guderian (one the father, the other the son) as Inspector General of Panzertruppen.

They only would have fought each other as part of a wider European war and AFAIK the West German Bundeswehr would have met the armoured spearheads of the Soviet 3rd Shock Army initially. Had the 2 German Armies fought head to head the better equipment and more empowered command structure of the Bundeswehr would have prevailed IMO.