Buffalo Soldiers

December 18th, 2005  

Topic: Buffalo Soldiers

How They Got Their Name

Stories relating to the origin of the legendary name “Buffalo Soldiers” are as varied as there are people to tell them. Presented here are a few of the most accepted ideas regarding the name. Some attribute it to the Indians likening the short curly hair of the black troopers to that of the buffalo. Another possibility for the nickname was the heavy buffalo robes the soldiers wore on winter campaigns. Others say that when the American bison was wounded or cornered, it fought ferociously, displaying uncommon stamina and courage, identical to the black man in battle.

Here are mottos of the famous "Buffalo Soldiers" of the US Army:

9th Cavalry Motto: "WE CAN: WE WILL"

10th Cavalry Motto: "READY AND FORWARD"

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December 18th, 2005  
Chief Bones

Topic: All due honor and thanks.

Buffalo Soldiers fought with honor and distinction in EVERY battle they were associated with. They accomplished much in the short history they were together as an organized force. Uncommon courage, stamina and bravery set them in a class all alone.

The soldiers of today (black and white) owe them full honors and thanks for a job well done. They set a standard which is tremendously high and hard to match. I can think of no better idols for the solders of tomorrow than the Buffalo Soldiers of yesterday. Their bravery under fire, their honor under pressure of white scorn, and their dedication to duty will long be remembered by real military veterens everywhere.

I salute them and will gladly greet them as fellow warriors on the day that I enter that place set aside for veterens like us.