British Traitors were partly responsible for the Pearl Harbour tragedy

May 23rd, 2012  

Topic: British Traitors were partly responsible for the Pearl Harbour tragedy

Worse still, one of them, Lord Sempill, one of Churchill's 'old boy' club was still passing secrets to the Japanese after the war started! The security services who had been aware of him for a long time, wanted to prosecute, but Churchill intervened. He was given the choice of a discharge or to be posted to North Scotland! He died in the 1960s keeping an emblem of the 'rising sun' awarded to him for services to the Japanese Empire!

Another aircraft-Commander Rutland was hired in the 1920s by the Mitsubishi Company to show the I.J.N. pilots how to land/take off from carriers. When posted to Hawaii he sent his Japanese Paymasters intelligence reports on Pearl Harbour.

It is unlikely the Japanese would have had the technical and operational means to attack Malaya and Pearl Harbour without these two traitors and the complicity from the 'establishment' to avoid embarrassment to the Government.

Pearl Harbour and the Fall of Singapore:

70 years ago these huge military disasters shook both Britain and America, but they conceal a secret so shocking it has remained hidden ever since. This landmark film by Paul Elston tells the incredible story of how it was the British who gave the Japanese the knowhow to take out Pearl Harbour and capture Singapore. For 19 years before the fall of Singapore to the Japanese, British officers were spying for Japan. Worse still, the Japanese had infiltrated the very heart of the British establishment - through a mole who was a peer of the realm known to Churchill himself
May 23rd, 2012  
The usual BBC nonsens
1)It is starting from the POV that the Japanese were primitive savages,who had not the technical and operational means to attack PH and Malaya(do I hear someone shouting :racism)and thus,the reason of the disasters was :betrayal.
2)Why would a colonel of the RAF be indispensable for Japan?
3)It is the same old story preached by the German generals after the war :the Russians were only primitive savages who only could win with the help of German traitors:Lucy,Canaris,Bormann,Red Orchestra,...
4)That Sempill was a member of the Right club does not prove he was spying for Japan,neither does the fact that in the 1920's Rutland was working for Japan .
May 23rd, 2012  
These facts, well certainly 4) is proven from recently released documents; they aren't speculation. That Japan imported British naval technology up to the naval treaties during the 1920s isn't particularily controversial anyway, since we were on the same side in WWl, Britain was desperate for foreign cash and maritime forces were indispensible to both countries. Unfortunately, these traitors carried on collaborating far beyond that time.

Japan imported much British know how prior to WWII, I think most of the big ships in the Japanese navy in the Battle of Tsushima were British made. The British were the chief naval power developing carrier technology in WW1. Unfortunately, as money dried up in Britain, Japan invested heavily in this area.

Did you watch it?
May 23rd, 2012  
1)Was Sempill in the possession of secret documents about the fortifications of Singapore ?
2)Did Sempill give these informations to Japan ?And,how ?Was he going to the Japanese embassy in London ?
3)Did the Japanese adjust their strategy on the informations from Sempill? Where they landing at place X and Y in Malaya,because Sempill had suggested this ?
4)WHY would Sempill give secret informations to Japan ?
The typical BBC amalgamation (Right Club =traitors) is nonsense .
The Right Club (of which the members are unknown,the list of members of Ramsay is unreliable) was a meeting of right wing conservatives who disliked the Jews(Churchill,a right wing conservative,who after WWI said some unpleasant things about the Jews,was no member).Other right wing conservatives (Lord Salisbury) were not members.No member of the Right Club was arrested (Ramsay was interned),and,now,the BBC,after 70 years is telling an Indian story about a member of the Right Club(reserve officer at the RAF) who was giving away the secrets of Singapore,which caused the fall of the Gibraltar of South East Asia .
It seems that the BBC is searching for an other success story,after Downton Abbey .
May 23rd, 2012  
I have read the article on Wiki about "the traitor Sempill",and,it is even worse than I expected;my cat is a genius compared to these journalists
1)In early 1941,Scotland Yard arrested the embassador of Japan(why ?) of course,some people never heard of diplomatic immunity
2)On 15 december 1941 (=a week after Pearl Harbour),Sempill was making calls to the Japanese embassy :I am wondering who would answer him
3) 6 months after the New Foundland conference between Roosevelt and Churchill,the Japanese embassy in London passed notes on the meeting to the Foreign ministry in Tokyo:as the New Foundland conference happened on 8 august 1941,that would mean that there still was a Japanese embassy in London in february 1942,2 months after Pearl Harbour .
May 24th, 2012  
The evidence was overwhelming. He was being monited for a long time, unfortunately they couldn't prosecute him without uncovering Bletchey parks decrypts. However, he was eventually caught red handed with the documents.

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