British telescopic 40mm ammo

February 17th, 2010  

Topic: British telescopic 40mm ammo

Still in its infancy but any thoughts on this is it the way to go?
Possibly more expensive but they are saying 30% or so space saving so can increase gun size without reducing effective payload. Also seem to have got good penetration results so its pretty trick ammo.
Future use if adapt for MBT makes going for a larger calibre gun feasable possibly as ammo remains managable.
March 19th, 2010  
The case-telescopic bullets is a vary interesting decision for the automatic system with rotate chamber, that made specially for the IFV. The bullet have a compact form.
Possibly more expensive
Why? Because a production is not learned.
For MBT is not applicable because in the М829А1, for example, penetrator embed in full length of the case.

On one's way i have a question. Can be installed a 40-mm CTAI system on the Bradly M2 and GCV ? or BAE Systems will limit a Scout, Warrior upgrade.
March 1st, 2012  
the telescopic round would be a really cool way to increase a soldiers potential in the battlefield, but if i were in war i would want to make sure that they are as reliable as the old fashioned versions and just as cost effective before using them. although the technology has been in the works from the U.S. Air Force since 1954 it still has a few years to go before that is the standard munition for modern warfare.

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