British soldiers kill suspected terrorist after gunbattle

September 19th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: British soldiers kill suspected terrorist after gunbattle

Media: The Associated Press
Byline: n/a
Date: 19 September 2006


BASRA, Iraq_British soldiers killed a suspected terrorist in the southern
city of Basra during an overnight gunbattle in which a British soldier was
wounded, a military spokesman said Tuesday.

Two platoons conducting a routine patrol in Iraq's second-largest city of
Basra, 550 kilometers (340 miles) southeast of Baghdad, received information
on "the location of what they believed to be a leading terrorist," said Maj.
Charlie Burbridge, a spokesman for Multi-National Forces in southern Iraq.

As they moved towards the area, they came under fire from a building, and
one British soldier was wounded in the ensuing firefight, Burbridge said.

The British soldiers killed one man inside the building. Burbridge said the
man was suspected of involvement in executions in Basra and to have been
"linked to quite nasty criminal activity."

The patrol had set off at about 10 p.m. on Monday night, and continued until
3 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Burbridge said.

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