British soldiers in court over Iraqi civilian's death

September 14th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: British soldiers in court over Iraqi civilian's death

Media: AFP
Byline: N/A
Date: 14 September 2006

LONDON, Sept 14, 2006 (AFP) - Seven British soldiers facing charges over the
death of an Iraqi civilian in 2003 appeared in court Thursday for a
pre-trial hearing, ahead of their court martial next week.

The soldiers -- none of whom can be identified by name, regiment or rank
because of legal restrictions -- are facing a range of charges at the court
in Salisbury, southern England, where the trial is expected to open on

Baha Musa, a 26-year-old hotel receptionist in the southern Iraqi city of
Basra, died in September 2003 whilst being held with six work colleagues by
British soldiers.

His father Daoud, a retired Iraqi police colonel, claims he was severely
beaten during his time in detention and brought proceedings against those
allegedly involved in the British courts.

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