British SAS in action! - Page 2

April 26th, 2005  
If they're British it's mostly likely the Brit verison of the FN Mag (M240), not that that makes it any less stunning that he can fire it from the standing position.. Really good video.
April 26th, 2005  
It is the FNMAG, or GPMG as its known here
April 26th, 2005  
well. quite good
but it makes my eye painful
April 30th, 2005  
Young Winston
That's good.
August 12th, 2005  
ill be damed if i know
makes u proud to be british wish i had what it takes to be in sas
August 14th, 2005  
well lads, thats the legendary SAS created by the young officer Stering during the 1940's, and yet, they still live !!!!!
August 16th, 2005  
lol. the sas. lol.

Im a cadet and just got back from a FIBUA training excercise at sennybridge, the UKs 3rd biggest training area, and on one nitex a SAS selection group decided to engage us. idiots. needless to say our (ex para and ex commando) Warrant Officer and (ex pongo) flying officer took out a whole section ending up with them lying face down on the floor with their weapons on our minibus. how embarrasing! i hope those guys dont make it in!!!
August 18th, 2005  
The no uniform issue, its not against it, however they are not cowered by it, unless they apply to some of the exeptions to that rule, which they likley dont. Although its a tricky matter as the singning state must uphold that convention even if fighing in a country that does not uphold it (which Iraq however does, so it might be trickier then the above mentioned disciption.
January 13th, 2006  
Hi all,

Call me Mr Pedant, but the 'footage of the SAS working alongside american SF folks' is incorrect. They are not SAS but SBS.

I know this because the guy shooting the M60?? form his waist is my brother-in-law (no longer serving).

The film is from a Channel 4 (British TV) news report. This original broadcast did not blur the faces of soldiers.
January 22nd, 2006  
The machinegun in question is definitely the GPMG, the British version of the M-249. You can get more info at: . Yes it looks neat, but I do question whether or not he was actually hitting anything. Tha barrel did seem to be going along quite an arc.