British military base in Iraq comes under mortar fire

August 18th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: British military base in Iraq comes under mortar fire

Media: DPA
Byline: N/A
Date: 18 August 2006

Baghdad - The British military base near Amarah, some 380 kilometres south
of Baghdad, came under mortar fire Friday morning, Iraqi security sources

The sources told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that unidentified insurgents
fired five mortar rounds on Abu Naji base, five kilometres to the south of
the city at dawn on Friday.

The sound of explosions could be heard echoing near the base.

The mortar attack was confirmed by the British military, but they did not
comment on the extent of material damage or casualties inflicted by the

Britain's military bases in Basra and Amarah have repeatedly come under
insurgent mortar attack in the recent past.

In an earlier incident, Iraqi media reported on Friday what was believed to
have been the first-ever attack by a female suicide bomber, an attack which
targeted joint Iraqi-US forces.

The Iraqi news agency al-Dar cited eyewitnesses as saying the attack took
place Wednesday in Maqdadiya, 110 kilometres north-east of Baghdad.

The woman, wearing an explosives belt, approached a joint US-Iraqi forces
patrol positioned near a bus stop and blew herself up, the report said.

At least seven were killed and more than another 20 wounded, including
civilians and military personnel, al-Dar said. The US and Iraqi military did
not specify the number of casualties inflicted upon their forces in this

Witnesses said that joint Iraqi and US forces moved in to seal off the site
of the blast while US helicopters hovered overhead.

One of these helicopters reportedly landed in order to evacuate wounded US
soldiers. Iraqi and US military vehicles also moved in to evacuate their
injured personnel.

Iraqi military spokesmen have declined to comment on the incident beyond
stating that Iraqi forces had suffered casualties in the attack. Further
details were not available.

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