Britain's closest election in a generation goes down to the wire

May 6th, 2015  
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Topic: Britain's closest election in a generation goes down to the wire

By Andrew Osborn LONDON (Reuters) - Campaigning in Britain's most unpredictable election in a generation entered its final day with the two main parties level in most polls and neither on track to command a majority in the parliament of the world's fifth largest economy. Despite five weeks of campaigning, neither Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative party nor Ed Miliband's opposition Labour has a clear lead, teeing up a potentially messy and uncertain outcome after Thursday's vote. The stakes are high because of a rare confluence of factors which mean Britain's future in the European Union, as well as its national cohesion, could hinge on the result. "The consequences if you take a wrong turn could at its worst - and I'm not predicting this - mean that within a matter of years, two unions which are pivotal to the prosperity and way of life of everybody in Britain are lost," Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat leader, told Reuters during the campaign.


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