Borden Battery Cap Badge - Timelines

December 31st, 2015  
Borden Battery

Topic: Borden Battery Cap Badge - Timelines

I am trying to determine the timeline for the transition of cap badges for the Borden Motor Machine Gun Battery within the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the Great War. [Orginally posted in Welcome Section]

Beginning in 1914, the first cap badge was referred to as the “Bordens Armoured Battery Cap Badge” and was standard issue until at least until 22 July 1915 at Shorncliffe, England when the War Diary starts to refer to the unit as “Borden's Motor Machine Gun Battery”. I suspect the cap badge remained the same.

On 8 June 1918 the following notation is contained in the War Diary. “The Borden Motor Machine Gun Battery ceased to be an administrative unit, and becomes absorbed into the recently approved establishment of the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade with effect from June 8, 1918. The personnel of the Battery will remain unchanged except for the addition of 16 O.R. and will become “C” Battery 1st C.M.M.G. Bde.” Although the members continued to call themselves “Borden’s” and many continued to wear their older cap (and most likely collar badges). I suspect the newer cap badges were standard issue at this time.

Finally, on 11 September 1918 the following notation is presented in the War Diary, “Badges of the Brigade were officially changed to “As worn by English Machine Gun Corps except the word CANADA is inserted between the stocks” of the crossed Machine Guns.”

My question is this – does anyone have documentation specific to dropping of the issue of the original “Bordens Armoured Battery Cap Badge” circa 1914-15-16 (?) to the more common Crossed Machine Guns without the word “Canada” between the stocks in 1918?

Thank you in advance.

Borden Battery/aka Dwight Mercer

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