Book reviews so far Thank you very much.

August 20th, 2013  
steve ossie

Topic: Book reviews so far Thank you very much.

Just thought I would share a couple of book reviews that I have received from people that have read my book.

There are to many to display which is a nice fact but im glad people have commented on it.

By M. Smith
I very much enjoyed reading this fantastic Book . Day to day life of a very down to Earth Soldier .

By Graham Curphey
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This is a cracking read for all those who have, like me, experienced very similar occasions whilst in the RCT. A well written book that is highly recommended. Squaddie humour at its very best but I feel you would have to have been that soldier to understand and appreciate the book. Well done Ossie, a very good read. Graham

By threlf
Bored with all the military books about bravery beyond belief Iíve been waiting for the book about day to day life in the British army and the most comical person on the planet, the British squaddie. Our paths crossed about half way through the book but I had a content smile on my face from start to finish interrupted only by laughing. Great memories brought to the front and thereís some gaps that could be filled with another book. Nice 1 Ossie ďtheyíll never make you pregnant!Ē

By Bishy
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Having served in The RCT myself, I wanted to read this book as soon as I saw it, once I purchased it I couldnít put it down! It bought back so many memories of my short life in the army! Well done Ossie great book!!

By Paul Taylor
What a great read! A real story of a young lad starting out the rest of his life in the army! Royal Corps of Transport to be precise, a band of men brought together through experiences which no civilian could ever understand! But admire? Yes!
I would recommend this to anybody wondering what itís like to live life in the army in the 70′s and 80′s or anyone who served to reminisce old times!

Stephen Hignett Brilliant read Ossie ó still can,t get my head round you being a RSM after seeing what you was like in the wild 38 days lol

Jim Hicks There is no problem what so ever. Having served with you a couple of times and reading the good and the bad brought back memories. Especially one, that I wonít spoil for others. You lot get on line and buy. Steve has done something we thought about and once you read you can relate. Well done me ole mate

Gary Bishop
46 minutes ago ∑
I just want to plug this book, no matter if you have served in the RCT or even the Army or neither this book is a riveting read! It follows one manís life from being a 17 year old with not many prospects, through to serving 22 years in The British Army in The Royal Corps of Transport. Go on give it a readÖ

Tony Smith Hey Ossie-Great Book Mate-Could not put the Ipad down !!

Sorry couldnít wait ,chapter 10 it takes me back all those years ago,I have laughed out load and also a tear in the eye,I didnít have a good start in life but not half as bad as you why donít you get your book into print it would be a best seller mate. charlie dennis linthwaite

Finished the book fantastic get in print and would be a great keepsake,an honor knowing you Ozzie ,have a good life my friend and remember they canít make you pregnant ha ha Charlie dennis linthwaite

So there are a few reviews guys check out my web site if you want a great read.

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