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Topic: Bonjour!

Hello everyone!

My name's Ben and I'm looking forward to being a part of this forum Although I am not planning to join the military any time soon, I have a huge amount respect for those of you that have done / are planning to! I don't know for sure but I'm fairly certain that my grandfather was in one of the armed forces (possibly the navy) so I kind of have a military connection (in a navy sort of way lol).

While I am making a post, I would be really grateful if someone could answer a quick question for me - I have recently launched an online business and would like to offer the service for free to the widows / widowers of military servicemen and women but obviously I need to ensure that no unscrupulous customers try to take advantage of this so would anyone be able to tell me the quickest way that I could verify a person's position in the military?? For example, if someone contacts me claiming to be married to a soldier, what information would I need to retrieve from them in order to be able to confirm their spouse's position in the army, their home address etc??

Thanks a lot in advance for any help given!!
August 12th, 2010  
Team Infidel
August 12th, 2010  
August 13th, 2010  
Cne C
August 13th, 2010  
Eh bienvenue.

It would be a good start to tell us where you are working and what services you are selling.

Every country have it's own codes and habits. Most have official cards to prove that they have a "military status".
Asking for these cards would be a good start.

And I dont know if it's a good idea to give stuff for free. You might be losing tons of money because of that, a military discount would be a much better idea.
August 15th, 2010  
Welcome aboard.

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