Bond, James Bond

November 27th, 2006  

Topic: Bond, James Bond

I saw it last night. This is a well-done 007 movie and I think it's one of the best James Bond movies ever.
November 27th, 2006  
I'm planning to see it. Perhaps, tonight. I've heard it is a good movie, tho.
November 28th, 2006  
Team Infidel
it is very good....
November 29th, 2006  
Hope its better than the original...
December 6th, 2006  
Saw the movie last night, and I think it's one of the better Bond movies so far.
5 out of 6 stars from me..
December 7th, 2006  
I'm surprised, the critics bashed this one good so I decided to give it a pass. But upon reading the posts above perhaps I will go see it.
December 7th, 2006  
It wasn't a "typical" Bond movie, but it certainly was a very good one anyway so I recommend you to see it and don't pay too much attention to what the critics have said about it...

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