Bomber Kills 8 Afghan Civilians In Attack On U.S. Forces

March 14th, 2008  
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Topic: Bomber Kills 8 Afghan Civilians In Attack On U.S. Forces

New York Times
March 14, 2008
Pg. 12

KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) — A suicide car bomber killed eight Afghan civilians on Thursday in an attack on American soldiers near the airport here, a NATO spokesman said.
Taliban insurgents have threatened to step up suicide attacks on Kabul, the capital, to discourage NATO countries from carrying on the fight in Afghanistan and to force foreign troops to leave.
Thirty-five civilians were wounded Thursday in the attack, but the four American soldiers in the two vehicles that appeared to be the target suffered only minor cuts and bruises.
The Taliban claimed responsibility.
“The foreign occupying forces and their Afghan slaves should get ready for the mujahedeen’s suicide and guerrilla attacks this summer,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, by telephone. “This new year will be the bloodiest.”
The Taliban and Afghan government and foreign forces are preparing for an escalation in fighting after a harsh winter.
But NATO is struggling to increase its troops, with some alliance members reluctant to let their forces fight in southern and eastern Afghanistan, where American, British, Canadian and Dutch soldiers clash frequently with Taliban militants.
Slightly more than 50,000 foreign troops are in Afghanistan.
The Afghan Army has about 70,000 troops, and NATO countries have been slow to answer calls from the United States for more trainers and advisers to help expand the force.
Afghan Defense Ministry officials have also called for a greater effort to build a bigger army, noting that the amount of money needed to keep one foreign soldier in Afghanistan would support 60 Afghan soldiers.
Last year, the Taliban carried out about 140 suicide bombings. Many Afghans are angry at the government over the attacks and say that the presence of foreign troops makes the problem worse. In Nimruz Province in the southwest, Afghan and American-led coalition forces killed 41 Taliban militants on Wednesday in a ground and air assault, said the provincial governor, Ghulam Dastagir Azad.
In Nimruz, bordering Pakistan and Iran, Taliban activity has increased in recent months as fighters have spilled over from neighboring Helmand Province. Also on Thursday, a roadside bomb killed three Afghan police officers and wounded four more in Wardak Province, southwest of Kabul, a provincial intelligence official said.

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