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March 3rd, 2014  

Topic: Body Armour


I am currently doing a study at university into the effect of weight carriage on the soldier and particularly looking whether heavier body armour actually provides less protection because the soldier is less maneuverable. I have a good idea of the academic arguments, but now want to see what soldiers actual experience is.

I do not want to know about protection levels of various body armours, but what I am hoping is to find out where body armours rub, where you get prickly heat, what parts get caught on vehicles and just generally how body armour fit hinders your ability to do your job.

I am interested in all body armour comments, but my study is going to be based on the following armours if you have any personal experience of them.

1. Australian TBAS
2. British ECBA
3. British Osprey
4. Canadian FPV
5. Chinese EBA
6. Danish TYR
7. Russian 6B43
8. US Interceptor
9. Paraclete Alpha 1
10. Pinnacle Dragon Skin

Many thanks in advance...
March 4th, 2014  
March 21st, 2014  

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