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October 8th, 2011  
Again I have the latest Composite armoured helmet and they are not that heavy but in temperatures 40 c plus can help cook your brain [if you have one]. Very few people ever wind up with a bullet in there top part of their nogging as most times they will shoot for the body and some one running around makes the head shot very unlikely.
Still a direct hit on a helmet with a 7.62 at fairly close range will still go through the helmet.
October 8th, 2011  
Originally Posted by headwards
Haha thats awesome I just cracked up in the middle of a lecture. armour doesnt stop 7.62 most of the time from what I understand, and it makes it hard to shoot accurately. Oh well i suppose the boys in charge have weighed it up and decided its worth it.
It will definately stop the arrows and spears in the islands at least haha.
It must be remembered that the issue of body armor is not only stopping a bullet, but also displacing 500 to 1000 foot pounds of bullet energy in such a manner that it won’t crush the upper torso and liquefy the innards of the wearer. Developments in ceramics have made it possible to stop 7.62 mm. The only drawback to ceramics are that they are rigid, which restricts mobility, are still relatively heavy (between 4 and 10 pounds per plate), and their method of dispersing energy from a round is by shattering, which makes each plate a one-shot deal.
February 29th, 2012  
in my oppinion you have a simple choice, blow a lot of money on great armor that is 'weapon friendly' or use the logic that armor may not be your best choice. depends on the opposition i suppose.

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