Bobby (movie)

October 24th, 2007  

Topic: Bobby (movie)

just finished watching this movie and i have got to say i was impressed with it.

it tells the story of the events in the ambassoder hotel on the day leqading up to the assasination of bobby kennedy. a huge cast of big names as well as up and coming actors, well presented and acted throughout, and tackling a vast varity of issues confronting america at that time in history (and also today i guess)

what really grabbed me was the speech at the end that i am desperatly trying to find at the moment it so moved me.

anyone else seen this film?
December 19th, 2007  
I saw it on a plane (not the best way to see a movie) and again on the big screen. I have an interest in American history/politics and I thought the movie was good and was also moved by the sentiments that RFK represented in his words at the end.

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