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Black Male'd
May 8th, 2007  

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Black Male'd
President Lyndon B. Johnson once had a reputation for calling on military agencies and demanding special services. One day he called Quantico.

"Good morning, The Basic School, how may I help you?"

LBJ: "This is President Johnson. We're hosting a formal get-together at the White House tomorrow night, and I need two lieutenants, tall and good-looking, to serve as escorts for my daughters, and they need to be there at six o'clock, you got that?"

"Yes, sir. Two lieutenants, tall and good-looking, six o'clock, sir."

LBJ: "And no damn Mexicans!" (Remember, he was a southerner and a Texan and this was the 60's...)

"Right, sir. No damn Mexicans."

The next night, at six o'clock, Mrs. Johnson answered the knock at the door, and sure enough, there were two tall, good-looking Marine lieutenants standing there.

"We're here to escort your daughters, ma'am."

"But you're both black. There must be some mistake."
"No, ma'am," one of the lieutenants spoke up, "Captain Rodriguez never makes mistakes."
May 8th, 2007  
Team Infidel
that's pretty good
May 8th, 2007  
Black Male'd
May 8th, 2007  
That was really good!
May 9th, 2007  
Nice one.
May 10th, 2007  
May 11th, 2007  
Rob Henderson
Damn! Hahaha.
May 11th, 2007  
June 12th, 2007  
Thats funny
December 8th, 2009  
Thats what you get!

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