The better side of sports

February 24th, 2006  

Topic: The better side of sports

Ask Jason McElwain what he did for his last high school February break. Jason, or J-Mac as his basketball teammates call him, will tell you how his family hired an attorney to manage an offer from Hollywood. And how he's spoken to every major media network in America about last Wednesday night.

That was the night Jason moved from the end of the Greece Athena boy's basketball team bench, into legend.

All of America's learned this week about Jason's three years of service as Athena's basketball manager and how, in the senior's final regular season home game, Athena coach Jim Johnson told Jason to suit up.

Athena needed to win the game for a division title. It roared out to a 40 point lead over Spencerport. With four minutes remaining, Johnson looked down the bench and told Jason to check in.

Wth classmates, teammates and family screaming support, Jason hit a school-record six three-point shots. J-Mac scored 20, including a field goal as the horn sounded. The crowd stormed the court and lifted Jason to their shoulders.

It was a feat made all the more inspiring considering it was his first game, and that Jason has been diagnosed as a high-performing, autistic person.
Everyone from Paul Harvey to ESPN to the major networks' nightly news and morning programs have shared Jason's story. Syndicated radio's called too. Jason and Coach Johnson spoke with CNN Thursday from the studios of R News.

"I didn't know if it would reach this type of magnitude, nationally," Johnson said. "but I knew after the game, it was something extraordinary."
Both know the moment they shared meant a lot to people.

"It feels great to get them going after what I've accomplished," McElwain said. "But there's some unfinished business that I have to take care of."
That business is Athena's bid for a Section V championship. Meanwhile, his family tends to the business of sharing Jason's story. David McElwain told R News Universal Studios called Thursday to inquire about Jason's story. The studio was directed to contact the family's attorney.
"It's all overwhelming," David McElwain said.
Little something for you, I am trying to get a video for you guys too.