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March 6th, 2006  
lol someone shine my shoes please.. ill send my shoes to you.. 1 day shipping.. and ill pay for the trip back... lol!

and please post the 2nd part.. oh man.. this is as exciting as waiting for LOTR #2 <__<!!!!
March 6th, 2006  
You guys should try using Lincoln polish rather than Kiwi. I was reluctant, but after a DI assured me, I gave it a shot. It's water-based so it layers on your shoes better than Kiwi. Trust me, after 3 layers of Lincoln, my shoes looked better than corframs.
March 7th, 2006  
Navy Boy

Topic: 2nd part of shing shoes

and put and fill it up with water then you get out the alcohol and pour it into the cap of the alcohol bottle and then pour it into the kiwi shoe polish can top then you get one of the cotten balls and put it into the alcohol water make sure that the cotten ball is all wet with alcohol water all over it. Then you rub that cotten ball all over the shoe so it can get all that dirt and stuff out of their. Then after you do that do not dry the shoes PLEASE! Yall mess them up if you do that.
Then get a fresh cotten ball from the bag and Then get some of that kiwi shoe poilsh on the cotten ball and rub it in circular motion all around the front of the shoe after that you get some of that alcohol water and put in over where ever their is shoe polish at on that shoe tell it get's shiney if this don't work the first time do it again it will work just give it some time then after that you dry them with a fresh cotten ball and that's it you have done it you should now have shiney shoes! If you have any questions fill free to PM me anytime!
March 12th, 2006  
Use Kiwi, and Kiwi only. All you need is hot, scolding water, and then you apply kiwi to the shoe, and just keep makining those circles. Once you are done the water is probably cold and so just do another layer of just cold cloth.
March 20th, 2006  
Navy Boy, don't take this the wrong way, but I love you. I recently had to get a new pair of shoes because my old paid got the crap kicked out of them. They were easily as shiny as corframs. They died. I couldn't fix them. My new pair are decent, but still need about ten hours of work, and now, maybe less. That is, for them to be my secondary pair. This technique repaired my old shoes back to what they once were and beyond (after a few coats). Thank you!
March 20th, 2006  
Navy Boy
So my shiney shoes thing did work?
March 23rd, 2006  
Personally I found an online polishing site, and then had my own way evolve from it. I then wrote this for cadet's use:

Originally Posted by My Boot Polishing Technique

Parade Boot shining 101

Step One – Stripping (The boots )
Time: Approximately 10 minutes.
If your boots are new or used, the best thing to do to ensure that they are clean and free of polish is to Strip them down. The American Army strips their boots down every once and a while, whereas the Canadian Army will only strip them down when necessary, and new layers will go right over top. The first thing you’ll need to do is remove your laces – They’ll get in the way when you’re brushing and polishing your boots. Next, start a tap with hot water. The water has to be hot enough that it will remove all dirt and polish, but obviously you don’t want to have 2nd degree burns from stripping your boots Have the water running directly over the toe of the boot, and then begin to scrub hard with a horse hair brush (See brush below). Continue to do this for approximately two minutes, or until they look dull and have an even colour to them. Now do this with the other boot. Dab the boot’s toe dry, and wait for about 5 minutes for the boots to cool down and dry.

Step Two – Base Coat
Time: Approximately 8 minutes applying polish, 4-6 hours bonding time.
Now that your boots are totally clean and free of any previous polish on your boots, you can now apply a base coat. The base coat is important because it will protect your boots from scuffs and damage. If boots become scuffed, then you can strip your boots down to the layer where the scuff goes away, as apposed to having to strip all layers and begin from scratch. Still using your Horse Hair brush (Has to be dry and clean), scratch the surface of your polish so that there is just enough polish to coat the toe and sides around the toe. Now apply the polish by lightly scrubbing the brush around the toe. Re-scratch the polish with your brush for the other boot. Now leave your boots alone for 2-3 hours. You must give the polish time to bond well with leather of the boot.

Returning 2-3 hours later, you will find that the polish is hard and soft. Take the Horse Hair Brush and polish the boots as much as you can with the brush. Repeat on other boot.

Repeat “Step Two” with same timings and tools. Allow to sit for 1-2 hours before beginning Step Three.

Step Three – Getting the perfect shine
Time: 15 minutes per boot (continue until satisfied).
Now that your boots have been Semi-Shawn with the Horse Hair Brush, you will have a good base coat as well as a semi-shiny surface. You always know though that your RSM won’t like this, so you have to get it to look as good as possible. For this you will use a High Grade (If you have some) polish. You will need a polishing cloth, made out of 100% Cotton to polish the best. Polish type does not make a big difference, but a lot of people prefer Kiwi. If you have another favourite then there’s no big deal. Take your polishing cloth, wrap it around your Index finger and make two circles in it. Apply this to your boot. You will know if you have taken too much polish by the amount of polish left over after you are done the toe of your first boot – There should just be enough to cover the whole toe. Next, breathe onto your boot so that it fogs up. Before this goes away, rub it in. The fog provides just enough moisture for the polish to apply well, as well as a good amount of heat to move the polish evenly. Once there is no more polish on the cloth or the boot, call this “Coat 1”. Apply two more coats (Making a total of three coats) to the boot, then switch to the other boot. When this is done you will have a very good shine. You can repeat ONLY Step Three whenever you like to increase the shine.

Horse Hair Brush:
Boots with Base Coat:
Soft Polishing Cloth:

Kiwi 70Gram polish: Approximately $4
Tana Polish Cloth: Approximately $4
Horse Hair Brush: Approximately $5-10, depending on size.

Boot Polishing Sites:

Hope this has helped everyone who was looking for a new way to shine their boots Now post your thoughts on this technique as well as your own that you use.
I have even refined this idea, to wear I know put the polish on the cloth, dip the finger in hot water, then rub it in This replaces the breathing on the boot, as was mentioned above.
March 24th, 2006  
Navy Boy
Yeah,but mine is what the marine corps do with their shoes.
March 24th, 2006  
Marine Corp's polishing boot is the best.
March 24th, 2006  
Navy Boy
And plus my way is cheaper.