best military training? (i know, already posted, but i want to cont.)

March 2nd, 2006  

Topic: best military training? (i know, already posted, but i want to cont.)

one of the best training is roman legion, but they were defeated by stealth by the celts in britain. there is only one pure training-to learn to fight suddenly in a war-then you may be shocked once, and never again-pure training, never-ending, there will always be a war to fight, president to protect, a "big man" who wants top-notch protection.
October 5th, 2006  
ill be damed if i know
what best military training trainning of all time ? or specific time period?
yes romans were the best trianed army during the time , greeks just before them ,ie before 400BC,romans to about hmmmm 300 AD , maybe ?after that , ill be damed if i know .... english longbows 1200 -1400 ( yeah i missed a massive time period but iam not sure who to put ) after that spanish ( 1500-1650ish ) after that british redcoats ( 1700-1790) then the french ( 1790-1815) then the british royal navy ( 1800 ish to 1900) .possible even british army but not sure , theres the prussians , defeating the austrians and french in 1866 and 1870. ww1 hmmm go for imperial germany .... ww2 germany for sure. well theres a really vague list of best trained troops over the centuries anyone want make a better list than me ?
October 5th, 2006  
You would have to come up with a matrix to adjust all armies onto a even playing field....

The military channel does something like this for weapons and vehicles...

The show is called Top Ten and it is pretty interesting:
October 5th, 2006  
I dont know if the topic starter would see this. Pretty old post heh.

Anyway, as the second poster stated, you need to be more specific, but in general, his response was good
I just want to add the Samurai 8)
October 19th, 2006  
My vote goes to a toss up between the Spartans and Ninjas.
October 25th, 2006  
the spartans. the samurai.the germans of world war two (the 1st half of the war they were trained the best)

i chose those three because they were all willing to fight to the death in any situation. there is others but those are my top 3
October 30th, 2006  
The best military training is Combat