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February 25th, 2010  

Topic: Best fighter

ascend the following fighters from the best to worst and choose your favourite and best fighter .

1- F 35 lifhtning II
2- F 22 Raptor
3- F 18 super hornet
4- F 16 vista
5- F 16 I sufa storm
6- F 15 E strike eagle
7- F 15 Slam eagle
8- F 14 tomcat
9- F 104 starfighter
10- F 105 thunder chief
11- F 117 night hawk
12- Mirage 2000
13- Mirage 5000
14- Mirage F1
15- Dassault Rafael
16- Tornado
17- Eurofighter Typhoon
18- Mig 29 SMT
19- Mig 31
20- Mig 35
21- SU 35
22- JF 17
23- Mitsubishi f2
February 26th, 2010  
The list is wrong, because it is incorrect to compare, for example, MiG-29 and MiG-31, as well as F-117 and F-14 - because all of those are jets with different purposes (MiG-29 is frontal fighter, while MiG-31 - long range interceptor, F-117 - steatlth bomber - ground attack jet, while F-14 - naval interceptor... the same with F-22 and F-104 - those are jets of incomparable generations.
March 7th, 2010  
Korean Seaboy
It would be best if someone makes threads like
Best fighter
Best bomber
Best interceptor

Instead of making one long list of all miscellaneous aircraft
March 11th, 2010  
sorry but an f-14 tomcat over a eurofighter?
March 14th, 2010  
You just can't produce a list like this and expect valid comparisons.
If you want to know what aircraft will best another in a dogfight, then you need to factor pilot experience, skill and daring, plus state of airframe maintenance, limitations, weather and time of day. Su-22 pilots with 5K hours have bested F-16s. Mirage III pilots have bested F-15s.
There are some very active platforms missing;
Mirage III (Argentina, Pakistan, Brazil),
MiG21 (Romania, Poland),
J-10 (China),
JAS-39C Gripen (Sweden, Austria, Czech, Hungary, Sth Africa),
F-4 Phantom (Germany, Turkey, Iran, Japan, Greece),
Harrier (AV-8B Spain & USMC) (GR.9 & 9A RAF),
A-7 Corsair (Greece),
Su-27/Su-30/Su-33/Su-34/Su-35/Su-37 (12 Air Forces),
F-5s are still in operation with 28 air arms.

F-104, F-105, F-117 - No longer operational anywhere.
Tornado F.3 being withdrawn.
F-14A only flown by Iran with drastic serviceability limits.
The "Slam" Eagle is just a 2 seat F-15C sold to Sth Korea.
It's Rafale, not rafael. B, C & M versions, all with different roles and specs.
Tornado will only be in GR.4 and ECR in RAF service.
The F/A-18 is in A, B, C, D, E, F & G models (Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, USN, USMC)
Finally, F-35 (all versions) and Su-37, MiG-35, Su-47 & PAK FA have yet to be declared operational from test phases
Any way, just define what you actually want to know a bit closer and I'll be glad to help.
April 11th, 2010  
Korean Seaboy
Enough critisisms....I think he got the point
April 19th, 2011  
The last post one year ago?
Well I read this article from aviation magazine ( based in USA ) this year and it said that the best active fighter nowadays is the Swedish Jas39 Gripen. Any thoughts?
April 20th, 2011  
Itīs totally irrelevant to talk about what is the best fighter, tank or assault rifle. Ultimately it's about the person using the equipment. His ability to use the tool based on his training and operational experience.

For example:

Is the M4 a better weapon than the AK47? Well!
If my opponent has fought with an AK for 10 years, and kept himself alive chances are, that it's probably me who ends up 6 feet under.
April 20th, 2011  
Originally Posted by thurman
The last post one year ago?
Well I read this article from aviation magazine ( based in USA ) this year and it said that the best active fighter nowadays is the Swedish Jas39 Gripen. Any thoughts?
System 39 Gripen is a small fighter that were never designed for the airsuperiority role.
Having said that, they have performed well in Red Flag and other joint TRAINING exercises with NATO forces.
(I think the Chechz won some competition or other with theirs.)
There are currently 8 of the C/D version flying CAP,s over Lybia on request from NATO so they canīt be utterly useless.

Best fruit to use for getting orange juice is oranges.
If you want apple juice I recomend using apples..
Just saying.

KJ sends...
May 15th, 2011  

Topic: Re: Best fighter

I think when people want to make comparisons of weapons, they are referring to "IF" the weapons were being operated by equally competent people. As KoreanSeaboy said, categories of different types of fighters, fighter-bombers, interceptors, etc. (They could see if their favorite is the best or not.) The era in which the the plane is designed would also be needed. Planes not operational (I don't feel) should be included in the list for the amount of information.

As far as how well a plane does in exercises such as Red Flag, Frisean Flag, etc., whenever you see some results you should ask yourself, "what are the rules of engagement?" There are some nice pictures of some of the newest planes with old planes 'riding' their six! A picture of some Luftwaffe F-4s with kill marks on their fuselage for killing Rafales or, a picture through the HUD of a T-38 riding a F-22A just slightly above. Reading the HUD of the T-38, the altitude ≈ 15,000ft., speed ≈ 450kts. and, pulling only 5Gs!! It turns out the exercise the F-22A was limited to pulling only "5―Gs"!
Things aren't always what they appear to be. There are some 'free play' exercises but, usually they don't publish the results.

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