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May 13th, 2004  
You know, I have NEVER had a problem with my standard issue field boots (I even used them for firefighting these past two summers, even though they don't have Vibram soles and were supposed to be a melting hazard, I didn't run into any problems). Never had a blister (aside from at Ft. Knox, but that doesn't count, in that humidity the dang rocks get blisters), and they've held up great (I've had one pair for over two years now, and I use them pretty hard). Of course, I also have problems bringing myself to pay $150 for something that the Army is willing to give me for free .
May 14th, 2004  
Jaeger, no reason to call me a mother f@#$%r, just cause of the boots I like. I guess if I was a huah hardcore man of action like yourself, I would have just killed some rabbits with my teeth and wrapped them around my feet, but since I WAS a "REMF", I chose to wear boots that actually fit my oddly shaped feet.
June 16th, 2004  
Have any of you seen/worn/heard of Taipan boots? They're made by Highmark. Now just because they're not as available to those in the US doesn't mean they're not the best boots in the business....

I *STRONGLY* recommend you have a look.