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December 24th, 2017  

Topic: Best armies

After reviewing the comments I have to say that all differing opinions were pretty valid if one reviews the history of the period in which they existed. Each army noted was the best for the period in which they engaged enemies and won. How they would have stood up in other periods is a question that really can't be answered.
December 24th, 2017  
Remington 1858
This is fantasy military stuff, like the T.V. show " Deadliest Warrior". Japanese Samurai vs Zulus!
It's hard enough to figure out what really happened in actual wars, let alone trying to predict future conflicts. There are many intangibles; leadership, fighting spirit, logistics, terrain and weather. It isn't just counting up the number of tanks and artillery pieces. Political leadership has a hell of a lot to do with it also.
Take a look at the US/Viet Nam War. Everybody and I mean everybody, including the Soviets didn't think the Vietnamese stood a chance against the military might of the U.S. Surprise!
This kind of match -up belongs in the realm of video games.

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