Becoming US citizen to join PLC-Aviation

December 3rd, 2004  
Royal Dutch Army Reserve

Topic: Becoming US citizen to join PLC-Aviation

I am a soldier in the dutch army reserves and a sophomore student of a 5-year tech college. After graduation I want to become a commissioned officer in the marines. I read I have to be US Citizen to do so. I read i can become citizen after a year enlistment in the marines. Can I start PLC-aviation after a year as enlisted marine? Or do i have to finish a multi-year contract first? Or are there better/faster alternatives to become US citizen than being enlisted? Thank you in advance for answering one or more of my questions.
December 3rd, 2004  
An enlisted Marine can apply for the Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Program. It is highly competative. Failing acceptance into MCECP you would be required to complete your term of enlistment.