June 25th, 2005  
The Other Guy

Topic: "Because"

This is a game i've played before that I found to be kinda funny.

you start out saying how you feel (1) and the next person says ___ because ____(2)


(1)I am Mad.

(2) I am mad because I lost a $50 bet.


I am happy.
June 25th, 2005  
I am happy because this is easy.

(Ummm whats the third person gonna do? )
June 26th, 2005  
this is easy because i am that damn good.

(thats what the third person is gonna do)
June 26th, 2005  
You're that damn good because this is easy
June 27th, 2005  
your damn good because im that damn good, and i increase everyones "damn good" factor by my presence!!

(haha, dont take this too literally )
July 2nd, 2005  
we are "damn good" by your presence because we are capable operators and you are the spokeperson for which all of our actions reflect upon, making us responsible for making you "damn good"
July 19th, 2005  
Yeah, you screwed it up with your being infatuated with yourself.

But, I am not that damn good, because I refuse to describe myself in a positive way with a curse word, and if I am very good, I worked hard for it.

I am blase. (insert accent mark)
July 21st, 2005  
Originally Posted by >*CrAzY*<
Yeah, you screwed it up with your being infatuated with yourself.

No, No he suffers from what I like to call the FIGJAM disease but hey dont we all?????????????????????
November 14th, 2005  
The Other Guy
Rest in pease, my ******* thread.
November 15th, 2005  
lets make it live again..

I am crazy