The Bawstin Accent

January 12th, 2005  

Topic: The Bawstin Accent

The Bawstin Accent

Pahty: A place to go to drink and socialize - nothing to do with Mother Nature.

ah: The letter between "q" & "s."

ahnt: Sistah of your fathah or muthah.

bah: Serves beah and hahd likkah: "The train to Noo Yok has a bah cah."

bayah: Ferocious

bon: As in: "Where were you bon?"

bzah: Strange, odd.

Chahlz: The rivah.

chowdah: Clams, milk, buttah.

Con: Stahchy veggie that comes on a cob.

connah: Where streets intersect.

fah: Not neah heah

fok: What you eat pahster with.

fyah: Blaze

Gahden: What they're tearing down this yeah.

hahbah: What they dumped tea into in 1773.

Hahvid: Country day school across the rivah.

hahf-ahst: Done without regahd to detail.

heah: Done with the eahs. "Listen my children, and you shall heah of the midnight ride of Paul Reveah."

khakis: What you staht the cah with.

nawtheastah: Stawm that blows in from the wottah.

Noo Yok: Sinkhole 240 miles south of Tremont Street.

owah: Sixty minutes.

pahk: Cahn't do it in Hahvad Yahd. Not downtown eithah.

pastah: The rectah of a parish, like St. Mahgrits.

pichahs: They throw fastballs at Fenway.

Rawjah: He throws the fastest fastballs at Fenway.

Reveah: He rode through Ahlington on a hiss shouting "To Ahms!"

shuah: Of course

shot: Not tall.

wof: A peeah, jutting into the hahbah.

yeah: A 365 day period.

yiz: You, plural. As in: "Ah yiz goin down to the Cape tammorah?"

rum: a place in the house - surrounded by walls

One last thing.... given you sentence how I would say it and write

I pahk my cah in the pahkin lot.


**Future Marine Corp Mom**