Battle of Britain breakdown

August 21st, 2010  

Topic: Battle of Britain breakdown

A nice easy way to view the progression of the battle, shame it can't show the detailed losses between fighter and bomber, but it gives a great feel for the pounding that both sides took.
August 21st, 2010  
well,I disagree with the introduction in the source(but,let not restart a Battle of Britain discussion)
About the German aircraft losses :there are countless figures available,but,all is depending on what one is counting.
Williamson Murray in Luftwaffe gives the following :
destroyed on operations (july-september 1940):1455 of which 700 fightersand 620 bombers and Stukas.
damaged on operations (same period):483 of which 19O fighters and 264 bombers and Stukas
Of course,other authors will give different figures .
E.Hooton (considered as very reliable) in :The fall of the Luftwaffe:gives the following Bomber losses during the Blitz (october 1940-june 1941)
518 for some 39000 sorties .
And 550 bombers and Stukas and 680 fighters for july-october 1940(he is including aircraft damaged for more than 60 %)and 830 fighters for the RAF .

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