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View Poll Results :Which Battleship would you like to have been on in a battle?
New Jersey (Iowa etc) 22 37.93%
Hood 1 1.72%
Graf Spee 0 0%
Vanguard 0 0%
Texas 2 3.45%
Bismarck/Tirpitz 9 15.52%
King George V (Anson etc) 1 1.72%
Yamato (big mf) 18 31.03%
Nelson/Rodney 1 1.72%
Original Dreadnought 4 6.90%
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July 10th, 2006  
Originally Posted by mmarsh
No she wasnt, she was launched in 1918 before the end of WWI. That places her before the naval treaties of London and Washington. She was designed as a 'battlecrusier' not a 'battleship'. Battlecruisers carried the weapons of battleships but the speed of a Heavy Crusier. This at the expense of armor. The design was a total failure, because it simply couldnt take heavy punishment. Several other battlecruisers were destroyed by single hits in WWI such as the HMS Queen Mary and the HMS Inviciable. Not to mention HMS Hood in 1941.
It had the ability to be rapidly outfitted with thicker armor in times of need. Kind of like modular construction where you just take a piece off and replace it except in this case you could essentially take a piece of steel and hang it over the side. Obviously it's more complicated than that but I believe that is a really dumbed down description coming from a person from an Army family. (No nautical terminology in my vocabulary.) And no, this isn't something I picked up off some conspiracy theorist site, I read it in a book I was using for a report on the Bismark.