Basic Training Question...

January 12th, 2005  

Topic: Basic Training Question...

Hey, I've just received my offer of enlistment into the Australian Army (as a Rifleman) and I leave for Basic training in 61days... Are there any general Tips from any serving (or Ex-Service) people for things that I can do to prepare myself (Mentally and Physically) before Training Starts ?
Thanks for any help anyone gives
January 15th, 2005  
From all the books I've read on the matter, and all that I've been told by my recruiters, you should run... get used to running directly after waking up. This may be different for AU but I'm sure its still relevent to the conditioning that takes place. Like in football, if you can run you can last... Other than that, ask your recruiter for specific workouts he may suggest.
January 18th, 2005  
Ed, I asked this question a while ago. From my mates in the forces and on this forum I was told just to work on fitness, push-up's, sit-up's, the shuttle run, everything you need to know will be taught to you.

Good luck a ARTC