Basic training for different armies

August 26th, 2011  

Topic: Basic training for different armies

Just a general question on the different ways basic training is done in different country's around the world . Length of training , difficulty , how much you've been beasted and all the other good stuff .
August 26th, 2011  
As a Royal Marines Recruit, your training lasts 32 weeks. Royal Marines Officer training is longer and more difficult than Royal Marines Recruit training – 15 months. The training is tough. It has to be. But it’s not impossible.

The four commando tests, which come towards the end of your training, are the final proof that you’re ready for your green beret and to start your career as a Royal Marines Commando, or continue your Young Officer training.

The commando tests are as follows.

You will work your way through two miles of tunnels, pools, streams, bogs and woods, then run four miles back to camp, all while you’re in combat equipment and carrying a weapon, and all in less than 72 minutes. When you get back, you’ll have to get six out of 10 shots on target in a shooting test.

You need to complete this in 90 minutes, while carrying your equipment and a rifle.

An aerial slide, ropes course, assault course and 30-foot wall, which you will need to complete in 13 minutes, while carrying your equipment and a rifle.

A 30-mile march across Dartmoor, which you will need to complete in less than eight hours with your equipment and a rifle. Officers must cover the same route in seven hours.

Haven’t really been beasted. British DI's use a lot more sarcasm than physical punishment. Not to say it dosen´t happen - but I´ve never experienced it as such. Usually you are told what you have done wrong and then you will be asked to do it again until you've done it right. If you have ****ed up realy badly, then usually a “friendly” conversation with the Sergeant-major will help you back on the track.

My god! just listen to me - I sound like a recruiter
Royal Marines Commando – It’s a state of mind.
September 19th, 2011  
i was going to join the royal marines but i dont have the fitness lol- so im going to sign for the army instead!
September 19th, 2011  
To infinity, and beyond!
Nothing is impossible - it's all in your head!
October 26th, 2011  
One of my chaps in my TA section said he joined the TA to get a taster of military life before making a commitment in the regular army.

A lot of people in UK regarded the TA as Mickey Mouse or Dads Army (maybe they still do), many of the chaps in my Squadron were ex regular soldiers who had served all over the world, including many trouble spots including Northern Ireland, Aden, Malaya and Borneo, they were by no means Mickey Mouse or Dads Army.

The chap joined the regular army after two years in the TA. He kept in contact with me over the years, he often said that he loved every minute of his service life, not only regular army, but TA.

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