B-52H will use synthetic fuel

August 8th, 2007  

Topic: B-52H will use synthetic fuel

B-52H will use synthetic fuel
Secretary of the Air Force to announce certification
BY JIM SKEEN Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 08/06/2007 10:41:32 PM PDT

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - In a step toward weaning the military from foreign oil, the Air Force will certify the B-52H bomber to fly using synthetic fuel.
Secretary of the Air Force Michael M. Wynne is scheduled to visit Edwards on Wednesday to announce the completion of the certification process for the B-52H. Flight testing for the effort started at Edwards last September.
The Air Force wants to certify its entire fleet to use domestically produced synthetic fuel-blend by early 2011. The Air Force wants to have half of its aviation-fuel supply coming from alternative fuel sources by 2016.
"This synthetic fuel initiative to certify the fuel for military aviation is being accomplished in close cooperation with our partners in the commercial aviation industry," said Bill Anderson, the Air Force's assistant secretary for installations, environment and logistics. "By working together, we can expand the market for synthetic jet fuel and make it more economical to produce by greatly increasing demand."

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August 8th, 2007  
i would expect the military to lead the way on use of alt fuels tbh
August 10th, 2007  
A Can of Man
Lets hope this works.
Alternative fuel sources are one of the most important factors when it comes to world peace I believe.
August 11th, 2007  
Good stuff, Rock45.

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