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November 6th, 2005  
Navy Boy
Originally Posted by AussieNick

Me with F88 Steyr AUG

Me with F89 Minimi (with BFA barrel and NWS)

Me and my mate at Murray Bridge Range (Murray "Fridge").

My mate clearing the F89
Great pics AussieNick!
November 6th, 2005  

these recent photos are not available.

I mean I can't see them any more. would u post them again?!
November 7th, 2005  
I dunno why they wont show. Webshots doesn't seem so good for hosting.

Here are the links

Or try right click on the little image not available icon, then go to view image. That works for me.
November 7th, 2005  


try for picture hosting

it is much better
November 8th, 2005  
Some more photos from training.

One of the blokes from WAUR firing at.... something, not sure what though.

The fellas screwin' around with weapons and NVG's.

Recruiting at the Adelaide 500 (V8 Supercars)

Clearing F89s during platoon ops training

Just more standing around with weapons

Weapons training at Bindoon WA. Sand, flys and ticks.

Bombing up before an attack.

Bayonet assault practice at Bindoon.
November 8th, 2005  
AUG is your official weapon?!
November 8th, 2005  
Standard basic issue weapon. Thats right.
November 8th, 2005  
so it means that you may use M-4 or M-16A2 too?

btw did you try
November 8th, 2005  
SAS and 4RAR use the M4 sometimes, and so do Navy Clearance Divers. So what this means is only SF use the M4.

As for the M-16, well we don't use that at all.

--And yeah, I used photobucket. I think it worked alright this time--
November 9th, 2005  

ASLAV-AMBO, the ASLAV vehicles are fully amphibious.

Firing Carl Gustav 84mm

Firing MAG-58 during ex. Beersheeba at RMC Duntroon. Soldier is playing enemy party, identified by the different cams.

Looking down the barrel of a Leopard. The Leopard is now redundant, and is in the process of being replaced by the Abrams.

My mate (on the far right) from C Sq. 2nd Cavalry Reg at the Baghdad Airport.

My mate (from the above picture) at the graduation of another mate from 1 RTU at RAAF Base Edinburgh (Adelaide).

ASLAV-25 gun car firing at exercise talisman sabre at Shoalwater Bay.

4RAR Commandos in alpine training in the Australian Alps.

1RAR Soldiers rapel from a Blackhawk.

Fire and movement.

Australian snipers

Firing the .50 cal on an M113 with 3rd/9th SAMR at El Alemain.

Aussie digger in Timor

Aussie and American teamwork at Shoalwater Bay QLD

SAS Patrol in Afghanistan

RMC Staff Cadets in Ex. Beersheeba

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