Australian Gets The Purple Heart

April 7th, 2005  

Topic: Australian Gets The Purple Heart

As to the legitimacy of this I can not be sure, but it's a story that does the rounds of the Australian defence force, and it's good for a laugh.

The story is that an Australian chef was attatched to the US army in Da Nang in Vietnam. He got a piece of egg shell in his eye whilst cooking, and promptly went to the medic. The medic removed the bit of shell, and sent him packing. He was suprised to find out that he was eligible for the purple heart because the doc had noted his file as being "the removal of a shell fragment from the eye".

As I say, probably untrue, but funny either way.
April 7th, 2005  
Charge 7
Yeah that's an old war story often told with different charactors.
December 3rd, 2009  
Epic story to tell your grandchildren