Australian Defence Force Training Pics

December 19th, 2004  

Topic: Australian Defence Force Training Pics

Since there have been a few threads floating around showing pics of the training and drill of various Defence Forces, I figured I'd share some pics from the Australian Defence Force with you.

Australian SAS in Iraq/Afghanistan (note that Aussie SAS troops were located on the outskirts of Baghdad for weeks before the war started)

4 RAR Commandos

Soldiers on board HMAS Kanimbla practicing actions on stopping illegal vessals (soldiers using an F89 Minimi 5.56mm LMG) Illegal fishing and people smuggling is a big problem in our northern waters, and in our sothern waters we've had incursions from unauthorised ships, including a north korean one, which was concerning.

BAE Systems Parakeet Surveillance Land Rover Defender

A graduate officer From Royal Military College Duntroon

HMAS Anzac firing 5 inch gun on enemy position (in support of Royal Marines) in Iraq

Australian Infantry in Iraq (soldier is carrying F88 Steyr 5.56mm with 40mm grenade launcher)

Officers graduation from the Royal Military College Duntroon. This is a winter graduation. In summer the dress uniform is white.

An ASLAV from 2cav on exercise at Mt. Bundy. Armed with 25mm cannon.

An ASLAV-A, this is the ambulance designation. It can carry 6 casualties, and is armed with .50 cal (not pictured)... Note ASLAVs are fully amphibious.

1st Armoured Brigade Leopard Tank

4 RAR commando TAG group

4 RAR in section assault. (note that 4RAR still chooses to sometimes use the M60 or MAG58 rather than the F89 Minimi)

Royal Australian Artillery Corp gunners enjoy "freedom of the city"
December 19th, 2004  
awesome stuff nick!
December 19th, 2004  
Some more special forces stuff.
Aussie SAS guard an Iraqi airfield they captured

Commandos prepare to assault illegal cargo vessal in Australian waters

Commandos come ashore in Sydney harbour during training exercise

SAS fast rope from a Blackhawk in Queensland

Infantry in the Solomon Islands

Army sniper and spotter with the AW50F .50 Cal sniper rifle

Soldiers from NORFORCE. A recon unit that patrols northern Australia, made up almost entirely from indigenous Australians. They have the task of covertly protecting and surveying the top end of the country.

Norforce LRPV, complete with mounted .50 cal.

Recon scout from 3 Brigade with F89 Minimi

Duntroon Officer Cadets undergo Urban warfare training (photo by Cpl Brian Hartigan, ARMY news)
December 19th, 2004  
AussieNick, I hope you keep updating this Thread, I simply like to see good military pics.

Actually maybe some other dudes can create or continue their Picture Threads like Army Pics of India, Turkey, S.Korea, USA, etc.

Cool pix Nick.
December 19th, 2004  
what are the main guns that the Aussies use?
i know we use Styers, tho not sure which ones, and the Fn Minimi.
what others are there?
December 19th, 2004  
Pretty sweet stuff. Here's some pics of Canada's special forces JTF-2
December 19th, 2004  
Our armoury looks a bit like this. Some of the stuff i'm listing is old, but it's still available.

Browning HP
F series Submachine gun
Steyr AUG F88
Parker Hale Sniper Rifle
AW50F .50 Sniper Rifle
Carl Gustav 66mm
Carl Gustav 80mm
Minimi F89
M2 Browning

All I can think of that is on the armoury list at the moment.

More pics here, I hope to keep adding to this list.

M198 155mm Howitzer in action.

Norforce patrol in Arnhem land (Northern are of the Northern Territory)

Leopard Tank On Exercise

381st Support Squadron during operation Tandem Thrust at Shoalwater bay.

Parade in Canberra for the Centenary of the army

Operation Lavarak, on the western border of East Timor. RAR Infantry secure the LZ.

ASLAV From 2 Cav Recon in the arid desert of the Northern Territory

1st Commando Regiment Undergoing Urban Training Exercises

Soldier in NBC suit standing infront of IMV Bushmaster
December 19th, 2004  
Very nice pictures, does SAS stand for the same thing as the 22 SAS? I don't know much about the Aussie military, good to see and read things about it
December 20th, 2004  
SAS = Special Air Service

from what i understand the aussie SAS is made pretty much exactly from the same mould of the british one, with only a few differences

the aussies call thier "version" the SASR
December 20th, 2004  
I think its called SASR.