Australian Commando Enlistment

May 8th, 2012  

Topic: Australian Commando Enlistment

I finished school last year and did very well but for the past couple of years have considered a career in the Australian army. The job that appeals to me most is becoming a commando because I want to push myself to be the best there is and work in a strong team. Does anybody know about the Special Forces Direct Recruitment Scheme? and the best or quickest way to get in? would enlisting as a rifleman or infantry officer for a couple of years be a better way to go? I find it hard to believe special forces would want to take someone without experience and this young

Im almost 19, 182cm and 83kg. Ive been going to the gym regularly for a year and half and can complete almost all of the physical tests. I think i have the right mind set to do something like this and get through the mental testing but just need some information on the best way to go about it
May 8th, 2012  
Unless you're extremely exceptional, I doubt you'd get through selection at this stage. My advice, enlist in the Reserve Commandos (if you're in Sydney or Melbourne) to try before you buy, or bite the bullet and join the regular Army, and hope you get allocated to infantry, to get some time up and then having a bash at SF selection. Anothe option is via the Air Force and the Combat Controller mustering.

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