Australia defence chief's son injured in Iraq (AFP)

May 23rd, 2005  
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Topic: Australia defence chief's son injured in Iraq (AFP)

AFP - The chief of Australia's armed forces General Peter Cosgrove has revealed he kept his son's deployment to Baghdad a secret, even when his son was hurt in a car bombing.]Read more...[/url]
May 23rd, 2005  
A Can of Man
So the answer is yes, some people would send their sons to fight.
May 25th, 2005  
Well of course he bloody would.

If you're a general and you're chief of the army, and your son is a private in the infantry, and his regiment gets posted to Iraq... it kinda makes sense that he'd go and fight. How bad would it look if he didn't go? Regardless of what rank his father was.
May 25th, 2005  
two points;

good on the father for not trying to shelter the son

good on the son for not using his father to hide form responsibilty

i wish them both well