Aust troops fight off Taliban attack

August 9th, 2007  

Topic: Aust troops fight off Taliban attack

Australian soldiers in Afghanistan have fought off a co-ordinated attack by Taliban extremists, calling in helicopter gunships and inflicting an unknown number of casualties on attackers.

No Australians were hurt in the "close and intense" fighting on Wednesday.
The soldiers, providing security to a Reconstruction Task Force (RTF) worksite in Oruzgan Province, encountered co-ordinated fire from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.
The fighting continued for about two hours and involved several distinct engagements within the same general vicinity.
Defence spokesman Brigadier Andrew Nikolic said the troops involved in the initial incident quickly responded to the extremist fire, returning fire with personal and vehicle-mounted weapons.
A nearby patrol in Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAVs) moving to reinforce the soldiers met a volley of rocket propelled grenades fired from an adjoining extremist position.
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) helicopters supported the Australians, providing accurate fire support and increased situational awareness for the troops on the ground, he said.
Brigadier Nikolic said the Taliban attack was unsuccessful with no Australian troops wounded, no RTF vehicles damaged and no disruption to the engineer task.
"The RTF security element successfully defended the engineers, preventing extremists from directly attacking the worksite," he said.
"The fighting in these attacks was particularly close and intense."
Brigadier Nikolic said the incident again highlighted the good co-ordination between Australian and ISAF elements, as well as the strong security presence the RTF maintained whilst working among the local population.
On this occasion the Australian engineers were working on what they call a "backyard blitz" in a community near their base at Tarin Kowt in south-central Afghanistan.
Such a quick impact development project is usually started and finished in a day.
Half an hour before the attack, the Australian troops had noticed something amiss in the Afghanistan town and were on their guard.
"Our troops, through weeks of battle preparation and cultural awareness have become attuned to the Afghan way of life and several things seemed out of place in what could be considered normal activities," he said.
"Australian soldiers identified several indicators of potential change to the local security situation."
That significantly blunted the impact of the extremist attack.
"The Taliban extremist force is known to have suffered causalities during the engagement. The ADF does not routinely release the specific details of casualties suffered by its adversaries," he said.
Brigadier Nikolic said this showed the Taliban remained active and Afghanistan remained a dangerous place.
"The Taliban extremists clearly see RTF work as a threat to their continued existence," he said.
August 10th, 2007  
Well done lads
August 12th, 2007  
They keep testing the boys don't they????
August 12th, 2007  
yep....but it's the taliban the getting schooled every time they try it

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