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June 7th, 2006  

Topic: ATTN Vallhalla

It seems summer is upon us and that not only school is out but also some of the younger members' brains have fled as well. The amount of spam posts where there is absolutely nothing of merit added to a serious discussion is my current rant. I know I am not alone in this and I am usually not one to raise a point about a problem until I think I have a possible solution. Redleg, Mods, I would like to ask you to consider imposing a 24 hour post limit so that some of our younger and more impulsive members might pause and carefully consider their forum posting habits. If there is a finite number I believe their intellect will kick in and make them think before they type.
Thanks for listening.
June 7th, 2006  


And the Amount of Stupid One Liners is Growing Day by day .... Just Dropping and Posting a Stupid One liners ....... Come on man if you Desagree at least Enlighten other why you Disagree ....... I had comment like " I Don't Think so " after that Wola a Void .... Brain Fart ... Brain Dead ..... the Thought Went off and the Author Didn't Bother thinking about it any more and posted jut I Don't THink So......

Come on man if you Don't Know about The Topic at hand Either Shut Up or do a lil research and then Comeout whith Your Views ..... it's really Iritating to see a Stupid One LIner ...... and have to Stare at it and Scroll the Page Up and Down and Make up the MInd whether to Reply to it or not
June 7th, 2006  
Italian Guy
I agree. A lot of members have been complaining about this attitude of a bunch of us consisting in spamming the forums with hundreds/thousands of one-line comments which systematically end up hijacking threads and deliberately or not lowering the quality of conversations. I think that is not fair either to the Mods or to us members.
Plus, it leads some members (usually older members with more experience, its happened already) to leave the boards because they're bothered by the spamming.
I am the first moron myself when we want to play and have fun, but you can't ruin every serious thread in the end. Some people definitely need a break to ponder. My 2 cent.
June 7th, 2006  
I sign on this one.

The quality of this forum has declined the first two quarters of 2006 and the fall hasn't stopped yet. Certain forum members post for quantity, quality is a foreign word... When you are accused of talking gibberish while on topic trying to help someone, no wonder why people move to other boards with more mature posters; which is sad as this is one of the better military boards around but, yeah sorry for interrupting your one line comments is all I can say.

Use some common sense and make this board improve quality again.
June 7th, 2006  
We are working on it, and this will be taken care of (one way or another)
June 7th, 2006  
Thanks boss, it is very appreciated.
June 8th, 2006  
A couple of "spam prevention meassures" has been taken by the forum staff now, but more will come soon..
But we also need help from our members to keep the threads as clean and professional as possible (where required), so please do not forget about the report post button since we (the staff) are not able to read through ever single new post in here.


Originally Posted by sunb!
The quality of this forum has declined the first two quarters of 2006 and the fall hasn't stopped yet. Certain forum members post for quantity, quality is a foreign word...
I agree with you, but hopefully the "fall" will stop now (or at least real soon)..

The challenge with running this forum is that most of the staff are active duty, and because of that we unfortunatelly don't have too much time to stay online here.
A lot of my time also goes to technically maintenance of the forum and server, but we'll do our best from now on to increase the overall quality of the forum and try limit the one liners/"spam"/mindless posts to the appropriate parts of the forum.

But at least we've come a long way since this one:
June 10th, 2006  

Topic: Spam

I can say that recently as I have been looking back at the posts Ive made over the few weeks Ive been here, I see that many of my posts are pretty useless...

For this I would like to apologise I should have kept those for the basic neverending storys board...

With this said I would also like to say that I support the new suggestion 100%
June 10th, 2006  
Now I just hope some more members will follow your example as well..

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