Attention! Left Face! Story Time! Hoorah!

October 19th, 2004  

Topic: Attention! Left Face! Story Time! Hoorah!

Anyone got some funny ROTC stories theyd like to tell, about anything with your ROTC comrades? (Make em Funny )
October 23rd, 2004  
Panther Cadet
This one happened last week. Alpha Company First Sergeant (I'm in Charlie) faced the back of the bus on the way home from the high school (team practice). We passed the local strip of 15 or so restaurants, and First Sergeant, who loves food, named every single restaurant, without looking, simply by the smell.
October 23rd, 2004  
rotc boy
this happened during a lunch period where i was hanging out in the rotc room for lunch. one of the kids took a giant rubberband and put the ends around some chairs and made a giant sling shot . so he takes a piece of paper that he had folded into a v shape and launched it. he was launching it so it was near the door, just as he launched it for the 4th time our major walked in and was hit in the foot. the kid got D-hall for a week.
January 19th, 2005  
Haha, one of my friends was a LET 1 last year and we went to a meet at Newburgh Free Academy, and he was commanding the LET 1 squad. He reported in to the woman (who was NFA's AFJROTC Major's daughter) who was pregnant and reported in to her as a sir. So then he thinks he's finally over that and goes to command a color guard at Nagautak High School and he ends up reporting in to a wall. The poor kid...

We've got lots of interesting stories involving Armed Exhibition. Once I was doing a whip, brought it around in front of me and I screwed up somehow and the M1 rifle I was using ended up cutting the crap out of my wrist. Another time a kid was doing a double overhead, lost sight of it and ended up catching the rifle in the top of his head. Another time, one of my friends was doing a double on the side and he let go of it crooked and it ended up smashing the front sights right into his crotch...Rather amusing if nothing else.