Athens mayhem raises fears of Greek social explosion (Reuters)

Athens mayhem raises fears of Greek social explosion      (Reuters)
February 13th, 2012  
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Topic: Athens mayhem raises fears of Greek social explosion (Reuters)

Athens mayhem raises fears of Greek social explosion      (Reuters)
Reuters - Greek political leaders say the nation must accept yet more punishing austerity or face a social explosion, but after a night of violence and destruction in Athens, some people fear this explosion may already be about to begin.

February 14th, 2012  
Well,... They've been buying up on gunpowder for the last 30 years or more, I guess they now want to show us what bastards we've been for letting them get away with it, by running around striking matches.

Yep,... that will teach us countries who were more realistic with our national debts.
February 14th, 2012  
What do you expect?

That lowering the salary of the average worker to a meager 600 Euros a month (an average rent for a place is 500) and at the same time destining Euros for yet another bailout of banks will go unnoticed?

That 30% of Greek citizens live at an economic level of street bums while senators just have doubled their wage day before yesterday (as the Argentinians: They also raised diets of MoPs by 100%) will be swallowed "for the better of the nation"?

Personally I think soon the police forces will join the citizens and the politicians will be ousted (they were not elected anyway, they were put in by the EU: Papadimos is a "technocrat", a guy trained and come to power in Goldman&Sachs, the same as - also imposed and not elected - Monti in Italy, see the pattern? G&S is now not only running the world economically but also starting to take over straightforward politics, evading the annoying obstacles of democracy like mandatory elections), the rage is generalized and well founded in most regards.

The way we will see Europe (and the US?) go, methinks, I just hope we will get this period behind us fast and without too much loss of lives and that the average family will not end up in something worse than what we had. like bank directors as dictators e.g.

I say let the banks ("too big to fail") that failed die and start from scratch, the way to go on the long run. Parallel let us develop a new economic value system that can compensate the root of the problem: Money does not know about ethics. Making ethical use of money more profitable both economically as well as on the personal level might be the starting point for a new capitalism.

Athens mayhem raises fears of Greek social explosion      (Reuters)

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