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December 13th, 2005  
88 w/ gt of 124...not to bad now i fly in the back of a helicopter all damn day long, its fun but takes a toll out of you.
December 14th, 2005  
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Hahahaha, nice!
if our damn school systems taught us this kind of engineering, I wouldn't be teaching myself...
December 20th, 2005  
im going to take it next semester
January 5th, 2006  
Rob Henderson

Topic: ASVAB Scores

I am a future armed forces hopeful and i wanted to know the scores needed on the asvab test to get in. what are average scores? what are recommended for different branches? So on and so forth...

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January 5th, 2006  

I am not sure what branch you want to join, but here is info I found. Hopefully it will help you.

Air Force

  • ASVAB Score - Air Force recruits must score at least 36 points the 99-point ASVAB (Note: The "Overall" ASVAB Score is known as the "AFQT Score," or "Armed Forces Qualification Test Score"). Exceptions are made, however, for a handful of high school graduates who can score as low as 21. But these "category four- A" recruits (by regulation) cannot exceed more than one percent of all recruits per year. (Note: A "Category IVA recruit is a recruit who scores between 16 and 30 on the AFQT). In actuality, the number of Cat IVA recruits the Air Force generally accepts each year is about 0.1 percent of the Air Force's annual accessions.
  • Education - You're more likely to be struck by lightening than enlist in the Air Force without a high school diploma. Even with a GED, the chances are not good. Only about 1/2 of a percent of all Air Force enlistments each year are GED-Holders. To even be considered for one of these very few slots, a GED-holder must score a minimum of 65 on the AFQT. The Air Force allows a higher enlistment rank for recruits with college credit.

  • ASVAB Score - The Army requires a minimum AFQT Score of 31 to qualify for enlistment. However, in recent months, the Army has been approving more and more waivers for those with scores as low as 26 (Category IVA). To qualify for certain enlistment incentives, such as enlistment bonuses, an Army recruit must score a minimum of 50.
  • Education - Those without a high school education need not apply. The Army allows no more than 10 to 15 percent per year of their enlistees to have a GED. To even be considered, a high school dropout (GED) must score at least a 50 on the AFQT. Like the Air Force, the Army also offers a higher enlistment rank for recruits with college. Unlike the Air Force, where the maximum initial enlistment rank for college credits is E-3, the Army offers the rank of E-4 for those with a bachelors degree.
Marine Corps

  • ASVAB Score - Marine Corps recruits must score at least 32. A very few exceptions are made (about one percent) for some exceptionally otherwise qualified recruits with scores as low as 25.
  • Education - As with the Army and Air Force, those without a high school education are ineligible. The Marine Corps limits GED enlistments to no more than five percent per year. Those with a GED must score a minimum of 50 on the AFQT to even be considered. As with the other services, the Marine Corps offers advanced enlistment rank for college credits. However, of all the services, the Marines are the most restrictive in this area. The maximum advanced rank for college credits is E-2, where the other services will give college credit advanced rank up to E-3 (E-4 in the Army).

  • ASVAB Score - Navy recruits must score at least 35 on the AFQT. The Navy raised this requirement from 31 in 2003 for active duty accessions. Reserve enlistment programs still only require a score of 31. Additionally, because of limited berths on ships, the Navy limits the number of women they can enlist each year. Quite often, when there are too many female applicants, the Navy will require a higher ASVAB score for females in order to decide which women get to enlist and which don't.
  • Education - Between 5 and 10 percent per year can be high school dropouts with a GED, but they must score a minimum of 50 on the AFQT. Additionally, high school dropouts must be at least 19 years of age, and show a proven work history. Like the other services, the Navy offers advanced enlistment rank (up to E-3) for college.
Coast Guard

  • ASVAB Score - The Coast Guard requires a minimum of 40 points on the AFQT for those who took the ASVAB prior to July 1, 2004, and 36 for those who take the ASVAB after July 1, 2004. A waiver is possible if a recruit's ASVAB Line Scores qualify them for a specific job, and the recruit is willing to enlist in that job.
  • Education - For a very few (about 5 percent) who will be allowed to enlist with a GED, the minimum AFQT. Minimum score is 50. The CG offers advanced enlistment rank of E-2 for 30 college credits, and E-3 for 60 credits.
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January 10th, 2006  
anyway someone can post a good link to take the test i keep getting off topic links. thank you.
January 20th, 2006  
rotc boy
i got an 86 on my asvab when i took it, and the guy that was telling us about it said that if we go into an ROTC, they will pay for my tuition, room and board, any books i will need, and a $450 monthly allowance, is this true?

*sorry if this has already been posted in this thread before, im kind of tired after the rifle PT we had today and dont want to read all 4 pages...*
March 31st, 2006  
lol it does seem like a lot of ppl here got 99's on that ASVAb well i guess im one of the few that didnt....93....
March 31st, 2006  
Most likely people are looking at their GT/GA score and not the overall score.
April 2nd, 2006  
I scored an 86 overall on the new ASVAB test, and I'm a junior in high school.