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December 5th, 2004  
Originally Posted by dlippert
i found the fake asvab that the recruiter gave me brutally easy (98th percentile). we'll see if the real one is any hader.
i think they call it a practice asvab, not fake
that was funny though, because i scored an 80 on that one and when i took the real asvab i scored 95. but after taking the practice one i didn't take the real asvab seriously because the math was easy for me after taking years of calculus, and the science was the same so it felt like i rushed through parts of it. i think if i were to take it again i could go through it a little more thoroughly i could have done better.
December 6th, 2004  
GED is GENERAL EDUCATION DIPLOMA. If you dropped out of high school and then went back to take this test, to get your diploma.

Yea, I took the practice ASVAB and made like a 75 and then I took the real one and I made a 95. So you're probably going to fare very well when you take it for when it counts.
December 13th, 2004  

Topic: asvab scores?

this may be a really stupid question, and i'm sorry if it is, but i took the ASVAB test and i got a 95, but im not going to join the military, i was wondering if there is anything else i could use it for, or if it was just for joining the service
December 13th, 2004  
No such thing as a stupid question,
But the only stupib one is the one you dont ask
December 13th, 2004  
it's mainly for joining the military, well the enlisted side of the military. i don't know of any other companies or anything in the private sector that would look at your ASVAB scores to make a judgement of your abilities.
December 15th, 2004  
The ASVAB is a percentile exam, so a 99 is the high score. A 50 puts you in the recruit catagory "Alpha". That and a High School Diploma will allow you 90% of all the jobs available. Recruiters are missioned for a certain number per month, and a "GRAD ALPHA" is a choice recruit and counts toward that mission, no matter the breakout of catagories the mission may have for that month.

Specific jobs are determined by your other scores. The GT (general technical), the mechanical, admin, etc. Your scores in those individual sub-scores are put into the computer and the Guidance Counselor at the MEPS gets a screen of jobs that are available that day. These are on the list because of your scores, but also on what jobs the Army needs to fill and the availablitty of future school slots that will match up with basic training slots so you are not waiting around between schools.

Try to figure out a top three list of jobs you want. Tell your recruiter your top he can work with his first sergeant, commander, and guidance counselor to get you the job or enlistment incentive you really want.

good luck
November 25th, 2005  
In order to get a 99 you can get a couple incorrect as long as they are no weighty questions
Here are my Army line scores AFQT: 98 GT: 142
GM: 144 EL: 143 CL: 143 MM: 140 SC: 143 CO: 142 FA: 143 OF: 143 ST: 142
Recruiter asked how I did. I said not very good. he said he should smack me. I asked what for? then he gave me my scores and told me I was his first recruit to better his 96. So I told him in HS 1999 when I (and about when he) took the test the first time I scored a 96. The recruiters said that my line scores were more important than the AFQT. But I am still to fat (1% too much body fat).
November 25th, 2005  
92 Asvab 130 Gt

Why does everyone here seem to have extremely high ASVAB/GT scores?

And what is the D-Lab? Is that the test you take prior to enlisting in an MOS that requires knowledge of a foreign language? I havent taken it but I knew Spanish before joining and learned Arabic (basic only) when I was TAD for a month. Any idea how to apply for it?
December 12th, 2005  
I just took it.. got a 81.. lol dam.. I didnt study nothing too.. mostly took it to miss period 1-3 lol.
my marine crazed friend got a 77 and I was like.. w00t this is my junior year in HS...
December 13th, 2005  
rotc boy
I took it Nov 22, and I dont believe that the results have gotten back yet...guess i should go check with the counselor...