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April 7th, 2004  


I scored a 99 on the ASVAB, I took it last year about this time. In the new system, the highest score you can get is a 99, and that is if you have perfect scores in each category. I was asked by the recruiter " What do you want to do?" They offered me everything from Intel to Boom Operator ( my base is an Air Refueling Wing) I could do anything I wanted, but I chose the one that I was best suited for in my Civilian career. I chose Fire Protection. The AFQT is taken from 4 of the tests, though I forget which ones they were. The test is easier now, especailly when you have to take it at a MEPS on a computer.
April 7th, 2004  
April 18th, 2004  

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What the shiet?! i took the AFQT last year before i even really started the school year and i scored something like 38. recruiter said minimum is like 34 or lower. it wasnt bad, but i took my GED so i can get my Adult diploma and i scored pretty good all around. got 98 and 92% in lit' and pretty good in science & math. Seeing how you need to score highest in science, math, and word knowledge to be an HC, ill go to jr college for a year to prep for it.
Ill only join the navy under 2 conditions, which is that i will be assured that ill be HC, and that i can be stationed somewhere near the west coast so im not to far from my family.
And my uncle in the navy said that the military is cutting back on forces, meaning that they are kinda letting people go in a way. i forgot exactly how he told me.
April 23rd, 2004  
What is coding

And what kind of questions are they on the ASVAB
April 24th, 2004  

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I was wondering... If I were to take the ASVAB and score kinda low would I be able to take it again? That's what I have heard, but yet, I have also heard that the score you get the first time is what you get... Please help me out... Thanks for your time...
July 20th, 2004  
Lady liberty

Topic: ASVABS?!?!?!?!?

On to another question. If you are planning to join the Air Force as an officer are you required to take the ASVABS?
July 20th, 2004  

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July 20th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
you're going to need a GT score of 110 or higher. The GT score is taken from the Verbal and math parts of the ASVAB
July 20th, 2004  
Lady liberty
ok thank you i just bought an ASVAB study guide and all it talks about is enlisting and elistment jobs so i was just making sure... Oh and GT???

thanks for the welcome
July 21st, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
The asvab is broken into 10 sub scores

GT - general technical aptitude area
GM - general mechanics
EL - electronics
CL - Clerical Aptitude Area
MM - motor mechanics
SC - surveillance communications
CO - combat operations
FA - artillery
OF - ???????
ST - skilled technical service

I hope all of those are right!!!!

that's how the army does it. It may be a little different for the air force.

GT is your overall intelligence