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March 12th, 2004  
Originally Posted by kidneyman
I got a 98 on the ASVAB.
They took out the coding and "speed arithmetic" section that was on it when I took it sophmore year.
Anybody else take the D-Lab ? That test is hard. I got a 94 on it, and 95 is considered passing.
DLAB is difficult. If you got a 94, you should be eligible for a Cat I or Cat II language. Various MOSs, schools and commands may have their own requirements, however, so that may be your case.
March 13th, 2004  
What are Cat I and Cat II languages?

And what are the ones I am not eligible for?
March 13th, 2004  
85 - Category I language (Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)
90 - Category II language (German)
95 - Category III language (Belorussian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Polish, Russian, Serbian/Croatian, Slovak, Tagalog [Filipino], Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese)
100 - Category IV language (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)

These are the Army min. scores, so it will vary between the different services. USMC, for instance, must have a min of 100 regardless of language.

If you have a chance to take it again, study English grammar - sentence structures, it seems to help on that migraine they call a test.
March 13th, 2004  
I got a 98 on my ASVAB back in 1992. But ASVAB score really doesn't matter as much as people think. The GT (General Technical) score is what matters most in the Army. I got a 128 GT
March 15th, 2004  
Don't remember how they scored it. Let me find my papers...filed under "A" for "Army shit".
hmm, installation clearance record... there were two guys who had to pay for a complete set of ta-50, cause I had THREE when i checked out, sorry...
Article 15... don't tell your top you're going to kick his ass, no matter how much you want to...
DD214 times 3.... Last will...
here we go: GT, thats the important one, right? GT= 130, AFQT of 96.Out of 100, I guess?
March 16th, 2004  

Topic: My asvab scores

I scored 99 on the asvab (took it March 5), and 130 on GT.....

I'm still not enlisted though, since there was a medical condition that needs to be rectified.

I've been trolling the internet for info on interpreting the asvab scores, and here's the gist:
- for qualification to join different services, only the AFQT score is used (combo of your english and math scores), and for army, you need to have over 31
- for MOS (military occupational speciality) selection, they also use GT scores and various other composites depending on which branch you are applying for. The army site has a listing.

My biggest worry about joining the army is my level of physical fitness....I cannot run more than a 100 yards now before getting exhausted, and climbing absolutely kills me, and I have NEVER done anything physically strenous in my life, except for a few mild hikes. I'm totally scared of Basic Training, and am almost sure to be sent to Fat Camp.......

March 16th, 2004  

Topic: Question on GT score for ASVAB

How is the GT score on the asvab composed of . Is it by percentile on the word knowledge and arithmatic. do they add the precentiles up to get the GT score .
March 17th, 2004  

Topic: GT composite score

check out the following URL for details on various composite scores used by various branches:

as per this guide, GT is composed of VE (verbal Expression) and AR (Arithmatic reasoning), but it cannot be a direct add, since I got 66 in one, 62 in another, but a total of 130 for my GT score, so there must be some weighting involved.

However, I don't think they get this from adding the percentile scores, since the only percentile that is calculated is for the AFQT score, which is actually based on results of a test taken in 1980, and the highest possible percentile is 99.

Good luck,
April 3rd, 2004  

Topic: ASVAB scores

I scored an 89 out of 99 total. 96 admin, 97 electrical, 82 general, 73 mechanical. my goal is to be a Computer Programmer in the AF but I haven't attended MEPS yet. I hope to within the next week or so. any tips from the experienced?
April 6th, 2004  
I have taken the DLAB.......85 so long to the MOS 98x but oh well.