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June 23rd, 2005  
7-3 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a grip
June 25th, 2005  
You Brits were crowing about something for a while there. What was it again?
June 25th, 2005  
The Lions as well
June 30th, 2005  
man, the aussies bowling was absolutely pathetic today.
i HOPE the Poms win the ashes and i HOPE the whole aussie team get in a lot of trouble, thier attitude seems to be that they dont care, they lack aggression and the desire to win, or so it seems.
how in hell did they manage to let bangladesh make 250 not out? some "best team in the world" they are, lets hope our batsmen perform better than the bowlers
July 1st, 2005  
Originally Posted by KC72
Hey we Kiwis havent said a word about the Lions match, hopefully it will stay that way until the series is decided at least.

July 8th, 2005  
bush musketeer

Topic: ashes

can see why symonds had a few drinks the night before considering how they have been playing in some of the games hehe. dizzy is having a shocking tour so far, we will still win the ashes though! wouldnt be surprised to see lee in instead of dizzy and warnie to coming back for the first test, wouldnt mind having hogg in as well but hard to say who would go out instead of him. a close 5- 0 seriers win to aussies with any luck
July 22nd, 2005  
Should we just call the series over now? Australia is obviously going to win. Sure we got out for 192 but that was in the morning where there was a lot of cloud cover. England were 7-92 in the afternoon where conditions were perfect for batters.
July 22nd, 2005  
Normal service has resumed
August 7th, 2005  
well now theyve gone and done it.

Australia only had 80 overs and 2 days left. had to rush it didnt they
August 7th, 2005  

GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!