Artillery Observer Rifleman or Airfield defence gaurd??? Aus Army/Raaf

June 2nd, 2016  

Topic: Artillery Observer Rifleman or Airfield defence gaurd??? Aus Army/Raaf

So I have finished the recruitment process except the PFA which is very basic (15 pushups, 45 situps and 7.5 in beep test), my scores double or more in each area so I am not worried. However I'm stuck for choice after being recommended for Artillery observer, Rifleman and in the RAAF Air Field Defence Guard.

1. Artillery observer ive done my research but will their be need for such a role in 10 years time with the constant progression of unmanned air craft? Will you be in the action per-say? I like the idea of having a specialisation.

2. Air field Defence Guard again researched and read forums apparently the cope sh*t from infantry and are regarded as stuck up and SF wannabes? what are the chances of deployment as Australia doesn't run many airbases outside of its sovereign area?

3. Rifleman at this point this appeals to me the most however I would like a specialisation eventually wether it be mortar, signals or the cliché sniper (I feel there are many Call of Duty Players who say the want to be a sniper :P). Is this role a good healthy role? how fast will it take the average soldier to rise through the ranks as I am looking to make a career out of the military?

4. Quick other question: opinions on the F-88 or EF-88 vs AR variant rifles (M16, M4 as I understand correct me if I'm wrong)

5. I guess I do get a little dreamy at the idea of SF and if any job was to prepare me the best for a future application to either Commando or SAS which would it be?

Please keep in mind I am 17 and looking to make a career in the Australian Military my qualities and intellectual abilities are as follows; Not to book smart C's and B's, probably quite street wise, and my aptitude testing reveals and exceptional problem solver and exceptional mental arithmetic (hence the pass for artillery observer), physically well built/stocky (rugby player build) shoulders, legs, arms, chest, core. Not meaning to come across boastful just putting people in the picture for a good honest answer.

Thanks, Benny1
June 4th, 2016  
First off, just let me put this out there.
Mentioning Call of Duty, and then asking for a comparison of different rifles is a bit of a contradiction.
Whatever branch or ECN you choose, asking shit like this will be looked down upon, just deal with what you are issued!
In my opinion the Steyr is a great weapon, and never failed me!
As for where you should go - each job has its pro's and con's, and ultimately is up to you - good work researching though!
If you want combat, you cannot go past Infantry. It will be hard yacka, and hard on your body - you will need to be at the peak of your fitness. Many people think that having a solid build like you will line up perfect with being an Infantry soldier, but I can assure you, being a slim bloke has its advantages! Also, Infantry training will give you the best chance of passing selection, but once again this does not come down to your size or skill, more about your mental state.
There are many ECN's that fall under the Infantry banner, like you have said you can go Sigs, Mortar Pl, Pioneer Pl etc etc, which can certainly make a change from knee breaking grunt work.
As for ADG, yes. They think they are SF. If you like to play soldier, and sleep in a warm bed - go for it. The RAAF do have combat controllers now, which I believe a pulled mainly from the ADG ranks. These guys are SF, and work alongside the Army's CDO units.
I cannot comment on the Drop Short position, however it does seem that this job would probably fall to technology in the future - but saying that, there would be nothing stopping you following the technology!
Promotion once again is up to you. In an Infantry Battalion, there is a lot of competition and only the best get promoted.
One thing to seriously consider. This is not a game. All of these positions may one day put you in a position where you or your mates may be in a lot of trouble. People will die - please dont take that too lightly!
Good luck.
June 5th, 2016  
Thank you for the honest reply! Yeh the question on weapon is just because it interests me that's all I'm not going to have a b*tch about any particular weapon. I definitely understand what you mean about build chin ups are a struggle because of my large lower body I'm getting there however as I'm sure I will need to.

June 11th, 2016  
You dont actually need to do chin ups as a minimum, but it sure helps.
Work on getting your pushup technique right, and learn how to do situps the ADF way.
body weight exercises will be the most benefit to you, as there are not many opportunities at Kapooka to use a proper gym.
Also, if cant already, learn how to swim with clothes on!

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