April 22nd, 2012  

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what are some good ways to prepare for army basic training?
April 22nd, 2012  
Join the Airforce
April 22nd, 2012  
Originally Posted by LeEnfield
Join the Airforce
Since the inception of the US Air Force, as a separate branch of the military, in Apr of 1948 it would be 43 years until the US won another war - and then the Air Force was under the overall command of a US Army General and directly supported the ground mission. So go ahead join the AF - ultimately you will probably still be working for the Army.
April 23rd, 2012  
A positive mental attitude - ALWAYS!
Be focused on your goal.
Good physical shape.
Get your sleep and make sure to eat nutritious food.

But remember! Always posetive - then you're halfway there.
April 23rd, 2012  
Don't make claims to things that you are not. Such as...the name that you have on are not a ranger, and you have no idea if you will actually be a making the claim when you haven't even completed the basics of being a soldier is a little irritating to those of us that are in already...just a little food for thought.

In addition run, run, run...learn all the stuff your recruiter gives you. See if you can get your hands on a "smart" book. Learn it, love it, live it...Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Be at the right place at the right time in the right uniform. Stay motivated and help your fellow platoon members. Finally, do exactly as your Drill Sergeants do all of this and your experience in Basic will be surprisingly easy...

Basic and AIT are the easy'll see what I mean in time.
April 23rd, 2012  
Team Infidel
Hit the gym. Start running for 20-30 minutes a day for two weeks, then increase it to 30-40 minutes a day. Pushups, situps, crunchses.... get into the best physical shape you can.... the rest of Basic will be a little bit easier that way.

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