Army Reserve 92Y Questions

March 25th, 2015  

Topic: Army Reserve 92Y Questions

Hey guys, just a quick series of questions regarding the MOS 92Y (Unit Supply Specialist).

I understand each MOS has a contract length, all usually being 8 years. What I am curious about is if any 92Yankee's out there could tell me how long their active contract is, say....2 years, 4 years? I know after that contract the remainder of the 8 years left untouched are spent in the IRR until those 8 said years have passed.

2. How frequently do these guys get re-assigned to another base/state for work, especially in the Reserves(When I here reserves, I think 1 weekend/month, not AS frequent action, stateside work, etc)

3. Is overseas deployment very frequent?

4: I already know the work is very clerical, and drags on, from what others have explained. So what is the pay-grade like?(Want to know from those who KNOW vs trusting the recruiter until contract time and seeing a different figure is all.)

PS: I hear you get paid in Basic Training as well. What does that look like? I dont imagine its all too grandiose, but never knew that.
June 20th, 2015  
I'm no 92Y but was a 92G (cook) and we were trained at the same base when I went to AIT (Ft. Lee, VA). I also was friends with the 92Y in my unit so I can give you some insight.

1.) it depends on the contract and the current political situation. You'll have to negotiate with your recruiter.

2.) In the reserves, never. Unless you want to move.

3.) Depends on your unit. Depends on the political situation. Right now, no.

4.) Same as every other MOS. E1 gets E1 pay. E2 gets E2. Etc.

PS Its fine.

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