Army personnel paid in local currency.

December 30th, 2015  

Topic: Army personnel paid in local currency.

This question is directed at US Army personnel. As we all know, the US Army has active bases all over the world. If I'm correct, US Army personnel in Germany are paid in Euros, the host country's currency. If they don't, I think that they should be.

For places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, I think that Army personnel should have checking/current accounts in the host country and be paid in the host country's currency. It would be something like, the Army would convert someone's salary from US Dollars to Aghanistan Afghanis at a favorable exchange rate, then deposit the money into the payee's Afghani account. The same would be for Iraqi Dinars. Of course, the account would come with a MasterCard or Visa issued by the bank or use. I think that this would boost the host country's economy and currency, which would be good for them.

What do you think?

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